Frequently asked questions

· Is your pottery dishwasher safe? Yes, we recommend you use the dishwasher. Our pottery is    also microwave and oven safe. However, we do not recommend using under the broiler or stove top. Our pottery likes even heat.

· Do you create custom pieces? Yes, we do, available upon request.

· Do you offer shipping and online orders? Yes, we do. You can order online and get a shipping quote by visiting our Facebook page and sending us a direct message, or Via email.

· How many ounces of liquid does one of your mugs hold? Our mugs vary in sizes, holding anywhere from 12 to 16oz.

· Do we offer classes? We do not offer classes here, but the Saint John Art Center offers a 4-week class.

· Where do you get your clay? Medicine Hat, Alberta.

· Is your pottery made on site? Yes, it is.

· Does Crimmins Pottery offer a wedding registry? Yes.